Vision & Values

The Florida Research Consortium’s vision is for Florida’s citizens to enjoy a diverse and vibrant economy that is widely recognized as being among the top tier of knowledge-based innovation economies in the U.S. In its efforts to attain this vision, FRC is guided by five core values:

  • EXCELLENCE - FRC’s undertakings are always world class and designed to support excellence at every level.
  • EQUALITY - FRC recognizes that in order to succeed there must be equal places at the table for education, business, and the citizens of Florida. Thus, in all endeavors, the consortium works to encourage and promote equality among these various entities.
  • FLEXIBILTY -To represent its constituents well, FRC works to maintain a lean, flexible organization that is capable of reacting and adapting quickly to changing circumstances.
  • STRATEGIC INTERESTS -FRC recognizes the need to identify and promote both private- and public-sector research, with an eye toward supporting programs which offer the best growth potential for the state’s economy and which dramatically enhance health and/or quality of life for all Floridians.
  • COLLABORATION -Fulfilling the mission of the consortium requires the involvement of many interests. With that in mind, FRC endeavors to encourage collaboration among its member universities, between university-based and private research institutes, and with a wide variety of other organizations advocating a positive future for Florida.