Strategic Goals

1. To enhance the quantity and quality of research in Florida

Economic development stakeholders in Florida largely agree that prosperity in the 21st century will be based on technology, knowledge, and innovation. In order to compete in today’s global economy, the Florida Research Consortium believes that Florida must commit to growing its innovation economy. Keeping in mind the pivotal role that research plays in that effort, FRC will, in collaboration with others, strive to:
  • Identify and foster existing and emerging areas of true research excellence in Florida’s universities and private research institutes
  • Obtain appropriate resources for investments to enhance Florida’s research excellence
  • Enhance Florida knowledge, participation in Federal agency policy on research direction and resource allocation
  • Increase the engagement of Florida’s academic sector with corporations that support and outsource research
  • Identify opportunities for and assist in recruiting additional research laboratories to Florida

2. To increase commercialization of research in Florida

The Florida Research Consortium believes that commercialization of research is the quickest and most effective path for distributing its benefits to the broadest audience. These benefits, whether economic or in the form of an enhanced quality of life, reach people through the process of products and services being taken to market by highly energized and well-financed entrepreneurs. To foster this research-to-market evolution, the FRC will, in collaboration with others, strive to:
  • Enhance the understanding of technology transfer to increase university and industry collaboration
  • Encourage the growth of funding available for all stages of commercialization
  • Increase resources targeted to commercialization processes

3. To cultivate Florida’s research and commercialization environment

The achievement of noble goals requires the cultivation and preparation of the environment in which those goals are to flourish. Thus, in order to meets its strategic imperatives, the Florida Research Consortium must ensure a commitment to collaboration by public- and private-sector institutions and organizations, resulting in the enhancement of research and development activity and commercialization. To cultivate Florida’s research, development, and commercialization environment, FRC will strive to:
  • Insure that key audiences recognize research as a main economic driver, integrally tied to Florida’s quality of life
  • Insure that progress is measurable and reported
  • Establish a Florida Research Consortium brand awareness
  • Provide for Fiscal Resources consistent with meeting the mission
  • Utilize targeted events to raise awareness and support broader goals