The Florida Research Consortium (FRC) recognizes that research for the sake of research has only limited payoffs. It is only when research makes the transition from laboratory to marketplace—from Petri dish to product, if you will—that people benefit and economies grow. Which is why, from the beginning, FRC has made commercialization—the process of introducing a new product into the market—an integral component of its mission.

In 2007, FRC championed an amendment to Florida’s “21st Century Technology, Research and Scholarship Enhancement Act” that would establish the Research Commercialization Assistance Grant Program. Administered by the State University System’s Florida Technology, Research and Scholarship Board, this program annually provides grants in the form of early-stage capital funding to aid in the development of products and services that result from university research, including (but not limited to) securing patents, establishing startup companies, developing licensing agreements and attracting private investment.

As a strong voice for commercialization of research in Florida, FRC stands ready to assist university and private-sector researchers at all levels by providing information and access to the basic tools of the technology transfer process, such as GAP funding, early-stage capital, business incubators, matching grants, and more.